Where the fudge are the caregiver rights?

Any caregiver I know that’s going through such intense challenges on a daily basis and yet have to endure unnecessary paper work.

The huge hassle of convincing the govt, the bank and other institutions that the patient can’t fill in that bloody form.

That what we are doing is trying to shelter and protect them from themselves.

My papa when he was in home care

Up until recently my dad had a full drivers license. That’s insane! Our immediate family knows just how silly that is. When my dad got diagnosed with his dementia condition, there wasn’t a light switch.

Every thing was a manual request and letters to write. Thankfully we got power of attorney although even that was a process.

Is the government aware of the sheer numbers growing of an aged population?

Dad loved hats, like me 🎩

I remember things like “he will have to come in and get will fully tested”. Are you barking serious? The patient was in denial for a year or two and when he did get assessed it was “oh yes we can confirm..”

What caregivers need, is less barriers and obstruction. More understanding and automated digital systems in place. Getting my dads pension alone was a maze of forms I could barely comprehend and I’ve still all my faculties.

Mum dad and I out at night

It’s hard enough being present at all times and showing caregiver patience with trying to cut through red tape!

Have you experienced something similar? Please share a comment below 🙂

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Dad, it's Liam

My name is well, Liam. I setup a blog called daditsliam.com and the goal was to share my story of my Dad and his Alzheimer's, Dementia situation.

18 thoughts on “Where the fudge are the caregiver rights?”

  1. The red tape you speak of I know only too well. It’s awful in my country (South Africa)… although at present the awful part of most things seem to be growing daily. Hoping that someone reads this who can help you guys!
    I love the family pictures – your dad has such a happy and friendly face 🙂

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  2. My husband jumped through hoops for years so he could get over of attorney to take care of his father. They finally granted it a couple of weeks after his father passed away. (We live in Canada)

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  3. Daddy God, thank you for your love, mercy and grace for Liam, his dad and family. Grant him favor in jumping through the red tape. Refresh Liam and direct him to the right people. Thank you Daddy God that nothing is impossible with you. You love Liam and his father so much. Thank you for your loving touch to Liam your son created in your image. In your son Jesus name. Amen

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  4. I can empathise with you and many blessings on this journey. It is a wonderful thing that you are spreading awareness about the many hurdles and stress this imposes on loved ones already dealing with so much. One can see the love in your heart for your parents and your are a beautiful combination of them. God bless you.

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  5. I’m so glad you found me through my “buckled love” post at Roughwighting. I’ve written several posts about my mom as she suffered through dementia for over 7 years. I feel your pain. My mom, though, wasn’t diagnosed until she was almost 90. She could still “fool” people and did for several years before I took her to a gerontologist when she was 89 and testing showed she was deep into dementia. However, her driver’s license had recently been reissued and would be “okay” for 7 years. My brother and I had a fit, because she was still driving her convertible at 92 years of age (our mom lived in a different state than we did and refused to move). We finally had to hide her keys and then after she found them and went for a joy ride, we sold her car. She was SO mad at us, and I understood. She was trying to hang on to everything she loved.

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  6. Sorry to hear about your troubles. I can imagine how frustrating it is. It adds to the work, doesn’t it? Though I also understand there must be security in place to protect against fraud and abuse. I hope positive changes happen soon so that your situation improves. I am not sure how much to hope for though because bureaucracy can be hopeless sometimes. I wish you well and your father.

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  7. Hi Liam, thanks for reading and liking my article about my experience with my mom and Alzheimer’s. I also have a husband who sustained a severe traumatic brain injury in 2011 who is now beginning to show some signs of dementia. He drove very short distances for 8 years. Then he had 4 accidents in the past year. The last one was a total loss of both vehicles and an RV the other truck was pulling. We received a letter from the DPS saying he must come in for comprehensive tests to evaluate his ability to drive. We have planned that for tomorrow. I am almost positive he won’t pass. Dealing with his disappointment is what I dread.

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