Proud to promote Alzheimers!

I’m delighted to be invited and happily accepted to write for the official blog of the Alzheimers New Zealand organisation.

An article on 5 top tips for care givers.

Article published on Alzheimers New Zealand

Part of any change begins with education and awareness so i am pleased to further help in whatever way i can. In the hope others read, ask more questions and ultimately have a call to action.

If you have a spare minute, please visit the article at

Thank you 🙂 #spreadtheword

Have you done anything to promote your favourite charity or cause?
Any ideas i can explore?

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Dad, it's Liam

My name is well, Liam. I setup a blog called and the goal was to share my story of my Dad and his Alzheimer's, Dementia situation.

4 thoughts on “Proud to promote Alzheimers!”

  1. What an well-deserved honor you have received, Liam. I know that caregivers around the world will find help and encouragement in their journey as you share yours. I will be sharing your blog with readers of my blog today. Congratulations.

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