No more conversations

I visited my Dad today following a 2 month hiatus.

It’s always odd to see him as for 90% of the time he is zoned out and only occasionally gives me a glimmer of the person I once knew.

Dad in his 4wd stroller!

Today I had the good fortune to take him out of the aged care residence around the local park in his stroller so he could have some fresh air. He got to see the kids playing, dogs running and few adults playing tennis on the courts. I wheeled him round like a parent would their child in a pram.

Considering his condition he can’t really talk anymore as the Alzheimer’s, Dementia progressively gets worse. So I try and talk but that’s odd as I’m not a big fan of my own voice so I revert to playing the Melbourne cup so he can hear or classical music.

I suppose it’s really just to be there and as I sat on the ground and played music, we looked out together at the people in the public enjoying themselves. Wishing we were both out there. Love you Dad ❤️

Watching the tennis courts 🎾 we used to play

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Dad, it's Liam

My name is well, Liam. I setup a blog called and the goal was to share my story of my Dad and his Alzheimer's, Dementia situation.

5 thoughts on “No more conversations”

  1. So glad you got to see your Dad. Treasure those 10% times. They really matter, as I know from being with my own Dad in his latter years. The other 90% are not what matters and I truly feel that togetherness goes deeper than we often realise.
    Best to you both, Irish Jean

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  2. I’m glad your father is safe, and as well as can be expected. Music is always good as it bypasses the cognitive centres and seems to stimulate the emotions directly. And hearing your voice may do the same thing. He may not understand what you’re saying, but a beloved voice may be able to reach further than we know.

    When my Dad was in hospital, getting palliative care, they brought in a boom box and set it to play classical music 24/7. I’d come in, turn the volume down a bit, and start reading to him from a little book of poems that he used to love. The poems were in Hungarian, and I’m not very good at reading Hungarian, but I did my best, and I think it helped…me if not him.

    Love is never wasted. -hugs-

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  3. Its nice to know that you got to meet your dad. Even if he doesn’t know it, I’m sure just holding his hand or being there must help him in some way and you. Bless you Liam.

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