Memory Box

About 3 years ago i gave my Dad a memory box.

I was thinking about what i could give him for Christmas that would give him interest and entertain him. As someone with Alzheimers he would get easily distracted by things and would fiddle with different things so why not give him something purposely built to do that?

My memory box for Dad (Dec, 2017)

It took me a little while to find bits and bobs. From new toys to also using old items that I hoped he would recognise.

  1. Seashells (he loved the sea) in a tin
  2. Beach stones in a tin (smooth and Dementia patients can like the texture of items)
  3. Flags (small) including the Irish one, Brazil, Benfica (football team) as he travelled
  4. Marbles, Dominoes and mini bowling set (to remind him of old school games)
  5. Coins. My Dad was a former accountant and loved real hard cash. So like a child that would play with money, he could stack it and count it.
  6. Pens, pencils, Compass, Magnifier, Shoe horn and old travel bag tags.

Like a box of fun!

It later was filled with family photographs too and when Mum and I would leave the house to go to work, I’d pop it on the table and would check when i return if anything was moved or taken.

#creativeideas – doing your best.

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Dad, it's Liam

My name is well, Liam. I setup a blog called and the goal was to share my story of my Dad and his Alzheimer's, Dementia situation.

5 thoughts on “Memory Box”

  1. When my mum was in care in a shared room and raiding other people’s wardrobes, I taped photographs of her as a young woman on to hers thinking she would relate to the correct one. It seemed a good idea at the time, but actually, she thought it was her Mum, and got quite upset. But singing with her worked well. I think your idea of the coins was brilliant!

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