About Liam

I’m Liam. Not Gallagher or Neeson 😂

Irish mother, Kiwi father. Mid thirties 😮 working for a global brand in sales. For those into personalities, I’m an #INFJ according to the Myers Briggs study (the advocate) and a fiercely independent person.


Likes: deep conversations, helping others, creative projects, foreign films, exploring and going on road trips, being genuine and authentic. Writing and checking in with those i care about.

Dislikes: slow walkers, people with poor attitudes, egos or glory seekers, money grabbers, fakes, boring superficial or surface level conversations and Brussel sprouts.

On the homepage it explains why I started this blog to let it out and to help others like me read from a real voice while going through such a tragic ordeal of being a caregiver for a loved one with dementia.

To the only man I will ever love..

Last major Father & Son trip, touring the inside of the Sydney Opera House

Go to > first page on SIGNs

Want to say hello and introduce yourself? Pop us a comment below which will make my day 🙂

5 thoughts on “About Liam”

  1. Hi Liam great to meet you and though not experiencing Alzheimer’s first hand, please God, I can empathize as my sister is. I hope you will not mind if I pass your blog URL on to her. It’s her post that you read, I had just rebloged it 💜

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  2. Hi Liam, I came to Greece to be here for my mom (who’s 88) as she was alone and caring for her older sister (93) who has dementia. Mom was really struggling. I only cared for my aunt for 3 weeks during the time when Mom had had a (minor thankfully) stroke and it was the hardest 3 weeks of my life. I managed to get her into a nursing home on Paros eventually so she would be close to me and other members of the family but with COVID19 we can’t visit and she doesn’t understand. Its a really awful time made worse by the circumstances.

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  3. Both my mother and my partner’s died with very different sorts of dementia, which they carried in their very different ways. A different experience than yours, and we were older when it hit, but it’s close enough for my heart to go out to you. Sending you what strength I can.

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