My story of my Dad with Dementia to help others

About 7 years ago, when I was 27 my Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, a particular form under the Dementia umbrella. It’s the most common one.

My Dad

Since then, it’s been a journey that’s ripped my family apart and caused me to question everything from who I am to the man I hope to be.

At the time, I didn’t realise what was to come and the two reasons for this site are

  1. For the caregivers : A real human voice on my story with my Dad over 7-8 years. Hopefully which gives you greater insights on what is to come and let you know it is okay to not be okay from someone that has been there and got the t-shirt.
  2. For the friends & family : Advice on how to talk to the caregivers. Go to talk to us

I was the youngest person at the time in a class on dealing with dementia in a workshop I attended with my family and as this disease grows, my hope is to create a resource for others which we didn’t have.

To the only man I will ever love..

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Last major Father & Son trip, touring the inside of the Sydney Opera House

There are pages in the menu of everything from dealing with grief to how to ask for help. Feel free to contact me, comment below on a post and share.

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Kind regards, Liam