Getting help makes you brave, cool and sexy. So, what are you waiting for?

Don’t fool yourself that you can manage.

Getting support makes you stronger and I only wish that as a family unit, we had been better prepared and open to support a lot earlier.

Some ways to get help

  1. Share your situation with close friends
  2. And your family, wider circle
  3. Connect with Dementia Australia and attend workshops on the disease for education and skills
  4. Meet up with a local support group of carers
  5. See a therapist
  6. Stay fit, eat healthy and prioritise sleep
  7. Tell your work and manager
  8. If you have employee assistance program, then call them and set it up
  9. Read articles, books, movies, documentaries and soak up knowledge
  10. Reach out your circle to get your mind off it and make time for yourself
  11. Plan and take breaks. See if you can get people to sit with him/her (patient) while you go get your hair done or lunch with a friend (out). Take time for yourself like morning and afternoon walks.
  12. Explore in-home care services that can help with getting the groceries or light house work and provide some light relieft and company during the week. For example

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Dad & his boys at the cricket

Did you receive help? What did you find easy and a challenge? Why’s it so important to get help?

One thought on “Getting help makes you brave, cool and sexy. So, what are you waiting for?”

  1. Hello Liam….You asked did you get help? I have to say I have been truly blessed since my husband John was diagnosed with Dementia almost 5 years ago.
    As a family we noticed small signs but it was our local GP practice that truly spotted something was not quite right.
    John went to see a Practice Nurse for a small problem and she noticed he was unable to explain or understand her questions. She immediately referred him to another colleague and we then were referred to the Local Dementia Centre!
    I got lots of advice and help to enable me to look after John at home and I managed to source Carers to come and help with Personal Care, or just to keep John company at home while I continued with my various activities.
    We managed for quite a while until John’s sleeping patterns changed and he no longer seemed to know the difference between Night and day. This affected me considerably and my stress levels went up and my energy levels went down.
    By this time we had been assigned a Community Nurse who managed to get us on the Case list of a wonderful Social worker. This young lady wrote a care plan for us which put in place Respite Care every six to eight weeks. We researched local Care homes and tried several and after several tries finally located one very close to home which proved to be just right.
    However it took a period of about 18 months by which time our original Social worker left the job. However, God is good as the new one had the same surname as ours, had irish connections and I actually knew her Mum well!!! This lady promised she would do all in her power to secure a permanent place for John within three months.
    During the whole time dealing with all this our family, 3 sons and a daughter and 7 adult grand children were all very supportive and helpful, organising all the legal stuff like POA for health and welfare.
    It has been very hard for them seeing their Dad vanish before their eyes although with the Grand children he always had flashes of good old grandad.
    I have also had great support from my brothers and sisters and many friends from Church and in the village where I live.
    I have been on my own now since last November and at times have found it very hard as you will probably have learnt if you have read any of my blogs.
    I am usually at the bottom of the pit when I write!!
    Sorry this has been so long but I feel it is important to let people know that there is help out there but it knowing where to look for it.

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