Memories are powerful and heartbreaking reminders of our loved ones

When the second wave comes. Grief and loss comes in waves.

For us, every new milestone can reopen the wound like the first Xmas, birthday or new house.

Yet, it’s the smaller things that can creep up on us at unexpected times.

For me it was a recent road trip and the road side stalls of home made jam and honey reminded me of family travels.

Occasionally it’s also when I have great news and have to stop myself.

Dad liked to have fun!

It could also be anything from the beach to the tennis court that bring emotions to the forefront.

I’d like to say it surpasses but it only gets less frequent. My dad won’t see either of us married or have kids or anything of significance.

We just have to accept it.

To this day, particular movies with father and son relationships pull at the heart strings.

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Father & Son

What is a special memory you have that you don’t mind sharing? And what kept you going?

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