No more conversations

I visited my Dad today following a 2 month hiatus.

It’s always odd to see him as for 90% of the time he is zoned out and only occasionally gives me a glimmer of the person I once knew.

Dad in his 4wd stroller!

Today I had the good fortune to take him out of the aged care residence around the local park in his stroller so he could have some fresh air. He got to see the kids playing, dogs running and few adults playing tennis on the courts. I wheeled him round like a parent would their child in a pram.

Considering his condition he can’t really talk anymore as the Alzheimer’s, Dementia progressively gets worse. So I try and talk but that’s odd as I’m not a big fan of my own voice so I revert to playing the Melbourne cup so he can hear or classical music.

I suppose it’s really just to be there and as I sat on the ground and played music, we looked out together at the people in the public enjoying themselves. Wishing we were both out there. Love you Dad ❤️

Watching the tennis courts 🎾 we used to play

Where the fudge are the caregiver rights?

Any caregiver I know that’s going through such intense challenges on a daily basis and yet have to endure unnecessary paper work.

The huge hassle of convincing the govt, the bank and other institutions that the patient can’t fill in that bloody form.

That what we are doing is trying to shelter and protect them from themselves.

My papa when he was in home care

Up until recently my dad had a full drivers license. That’s insane! Our immediate family knows just how silly that is. When my dad got diagnosed with his dementia condition, there wasn’t a light switch.

Every thing was a manual request and letters to write. Thankfully we got power of attorney although even that was a process.

Is the government aware of the sheer numbers growing of an aged population?

Dad loved hats, like me 🎩

I remember things like “he will have to come in and get will fully tested”. Are you barking serious? The patient was in denial for a year or two and when he did get assessed it was “oh yes we can confirm..”

What caregivers need, is less barriers and obstruction. More understanding and automated digital systems in place. Getting my dads pension alone was a maze of forms I could barely comprehend and I’ve still all my faculties.

Mum dad and I out at night

It’s hard enough being present at all times and showing caregiver patience with trying to cut through red tape!

Have you experienced something similar? Please share a comment below 🙂