The importance of support when being a caregiver for Alzheimers

Your support network will make you or break you.

If you are a little light, I’d recommend reaching out to family and friends.

Put the ego and pride aside.

Your going to need some troopers.

It’s not a 6 month condition but something over years.

Should you not have immediate family then definitely start building a network from the dementia support groups around.

Dad in Paris with the beard

You are going to need to cry, laugh, complain, get angry, talk until you run out of breathe and also listen to others talking about literally anything else.

The biggest mistake we all make is thinking we can keep it a secret, a private situation and face it head on, by ourselves.

Not true.

But also take care of your own supporters.

When my dad was diagnosed it was all about my mum and although she was the job of my brother and I, we also needed help.

Don’t neglect the support.

She lost her husband, but we lost our dad and she continues to have a better support network than either of us.

That’s not downplaying her importance that’s just a fact of the situation. The main care giver gets the focus and I routinely heard how what we were doing what was to be expected. It’s disappointing as it devalues our feelings.

We really only had each other and as we lived separately it was my brothers partner that supported him and I failed miserably.

Regardless of where you sit, it’s important for you to have an outlet.

Lastly, it’s a long journey so you don’t want flash in the pan types but true supporters that will last the distance and understand.

Dad in primary school

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How have you managed with or without support? Any advice to share to the public?

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